Stefan was born and raised in Colombo, the capital city, business hub and corporate centre of the emerald isle called Sri Lanka. He attended the prestigious private school S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia and migrated to Australia in April 1977 at the age of twenty one.

Always the adventurous spirit, as soon as he was old enough he was off on a variety of journeys within Sri Lanka with his close group of friends.

Determined to capture the essence of Sri Lanka’s wild diversity, varied lifestyles, rituals and Sri Lankan landscape on film he started off with a 35mm camera in 1979.

Somewhat unsatisfied with his early efforts he then dabbled in videotaping wildlife in the jungles of Sri Lanka over the next seven years. He returned to still photography in earnest in 1998.

Commenting on his passion all things Sri Lankan, Stefan laughs as he states,

“I am not a professional photographer; I am an amateur photographer enthusiast, sociologist, archaeologists, historian all rolled into one who loves photography in a beautiful, complex, ancient and exotic land”.

Stefan now travels the length and breadth of Sri Lanka capturing all aspects of this exotic land. people and stand in awe of ancient places.

He also states,

“Whilst I am totally fascinated with the wildlife in places like Africa, South America, India and South East Asia, nothing stirs in me like the wildlife of Sri Lanka. From my earliest childhood days I would watch the fog swirling around the peak wilderness and thick mountain jungles and I knew I had to get up there to discover the hidden, amazing diversity; and along the way I am privileged to bear witness to an amazing rural life style, meet the most wonderful people and stand in awe of ancient places.”

Stefan visits Sri Lanka at least three times a year and spends many weeks there each time. His travels explore aspects of Sri Lankan life and areas that a very few people know exists.

He seeks out places lesser known and less travelled. His thirst to glimpse the soul of an amazing nation, through his camera lens, is a journey that has no finish line.

In his second book Sri Lanka – A Way of Life, Stefan states

“I have chosen to travel and photograph in places that fill my soul as opposed to places that merely fill my sense of vision….”

In his latest book, Places Once Denied, he traveld extensively to places that were affected by the recent conflict in Sri Lanka and invites Sri Lankans from all over the world to visit the places that were once denied to a generation.